MakerSpace Student Volunteers (Parent)

ISY MakerSpace Student Volunteer Agreement Form (Parent)

  • The ISY MakerSpace is a place for students to create, invent, tinker, build and learn. Due to the hands on nature of our activities, responsible behavior is expected. As a designated MakerSpace Volunteer I understand the guidelines and rules must be followed at all times. I also understand that given my role as a MakerSpace Volunteer I have an additional responsibility to make sure the equipment is used properly and that my role is to provide support to the teachers in the MakerSpace.

    I also understand that I must demonstrate an understanding of the various equipment and must pass a practical test before I can become an official MakerSpace Volunteer.

    After reading over the guidelines and rules, be sure you sure you understand what is expected, then please sign and return it to ISY.  


    MakerSpace Volunteer Expectations

    • I will not be in the MakerSpace unsupervised.
    • I will always encourage students.
    • I will not do things for students, I will teach them.
    • I will stay up to date on how to use all the equipment.
    • I will not abuse my privilege as a MakerSpace Volunteer.

    MakerSpace Rules

    Use protective gear. Dress right.

    • I will always wear eye protection: safety glasses with side shields, goggles, or face shields at all times, whether working or not!!
    • I will not wear loose-fitting clothing around moving machinery.
    • I will remove ties, jewelry, gloves, etc. especially around moving machinery.
    • I will tie back or cover long hair to keep it away from moving machinery.
    • I will wear only shoes that cover the entire foot, no open-toe shoes or sandals.


    • I will report all injuries.
    • I will never run, push, or horseplay in the space.
    • I will  never use a tool unless you’ve been trained to use it safely.
    • I will never use machinery without asking first.
    • I will never work alone when using power tools. Two persons must be present and be able to see one another.
    • I will not fool around, startle, or distract anyone (not even with a conversation) while either one of you is using a tool.
    • I will think through the entire job before starting. Prepare prints or drawings with all dimensions and specifications prior to using machines.

    Use tools right.

    • I will use tools only as they were designed to be used. (A wrench is not a hammer.)
    • I will never use a broken tool.
    • I will  report any broken tools or machines immediately.
    • I will not remove tools from the room.
    • I will never walk away from a tool that is still on.
    • I understand that a hard hammer should not be used to strike a hardened tool or any machine part. Use a soft-faced hammer.
    • Operate machines only with all required guards and shields in place.

    Clean up.

    • Clean up every time whenever you leave an area.
    • Clean and return all tools to where you got them.
    • Shut off and unplug machines when cleaning, repairing, or oiling.
    • Never use a rag near moving machinery.
    • Keep the floor around machines clean, dry, and free from trip hazards.
    • Mop up spills immediately.

    By signing below, my child agrees to adhere to the guidelines and rules.

    I hereby give permission for my child to be a MakerSpace Volunteer.

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