School Bus Registration Form (2021-2022)

  • School Busing at ISY

  • SMART Technical Services provides a school bus service for ISY students. This service includes busing to and from school as well as for After School Activities (ASA’s). SMART has provided ISY this service since the start of the 2016-17 school year and offers a great service to our community. We strongly recommend that you use the bus service to help us reduce our carbon footprint in line with our commitment to environmental consciousness.You can read more about the health and safety procedures of the SMART bus service on our website.

  • Please read carefully and complete this form to register your child for the ISY School Bus Program

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    Student Full NameStudent Grade Level Beginning in August 2021 

  • Payment Information

  • Payment for student busing can be paid online using our online payment portal, in cash or via bank transfer (e-mail : and should be submitted to the ISY Business Office by August 28rd, 2021. If you pay the school bus fees via bank transfer, please send the remittance document to our e-mail ( Please note that the busing fee is paid directly to SMART and is therefore both non-refundable and non-transferable.

    If there is a discontinuation of service due to a campus closure, SMART will refund parents 60% of any remaining months in the semester. No refunds will be given for the remaining days in the month in which the discontinuation of the services occurred. There will be no refunds if the client (parent) withdraws their child from the bus service. SMART will make the refund payment directly to parents.

    The fees are as follows:

    Yearly fee: $ 2,476.00 per passenger for daily home pick-up and drop-off including transit for after-school activities


    Semesterly / biannual fee: $1,338.00 per passenger for daily home pick-up and drop-off including transit for after-school activities.

  • Rules and Regulations of School Bus Service

  • Please read the following carefully. Participation in the School Bus Program requires agreement with the following terms and conditions.

    Passenger Code of Conduct

    Purpose: Abidance to the code of conduct promotes appropriate and consistent student behavior that assures all passengers of a safe and enjoyable journey between home and school. Note: School buses are for the use of ISY students and ISY Personnel only. No other riders, including parents and care givers, are permitted to ride on school buses.

    Bus Passenger Code of Conduct

    • Be ready and on time for pick-up (see 2-minute wait rule below)
    • Follow bus rules
    • Remain seated throughout the journey
    • Wear a seat belt throughout the journey
    • Behave in a responsible and orderly manner
    • Respect self and others
    • Keep hands, feet and items to self
    • Communicate respectfully with others
    • Maintain an appropriate volume when communicating to others
    • Respect own property, the property of others , and the property of the bus company
    • Refrain from eating or drinking on the bus
    • Board and exit bus in an orderly manner
    • Follow the driver’s and/or bus monitor’s instructions
    • Accept consequences for bus misconduct

    *Failure or inability to meet these requirements may result in the student’s loss of bus privileges.

    Parents’ and care givers’ roles

    • Ensure your child/children has not been sick and not had a temprature in last 48-hours.
    • Ensure your child/children are capable of travelling independently on a bus
    • Ensure your child/children understand the Student Passenger Code of Conduct
    • Ensure your child/children are ready and on time for pick-up (see 2-minute wait rule below)
    • Notify ISY’s Bus Coordinator as soon as possible if your child/children will not be using the bus
    • Promptly respond to all bus-related phone and written communication
    • Actively support bus safety and bus rules with your child/children
    • Be respectful to bus operators and monitors and treat them fairly in the event of delays
    • Communicate respectfully with the operator, school, and transport staff
    • Instruct your child/children about bus safety and possible consequences for misconduct
    • Cooperate with the school and bus operator in the event of reported misconduct
    • Inform your child/children of appropriate and expected bus travel behaviors
    • Be available for possible discussion about the behavior of your child/children
    • Promptly inform ISY’s Bus Coordinator of any concerns you may have about your child’s/children’s bus travel

    2-Minute Wait Rule

    Please be informed that buses will wait 2-minutes at the homes of student passenger before recommencing travel. This is to ensure that buses are not unnecessarily delayed in the mornings. For example, if your child's pick-up time is 7:15 AM, his or her bus will wait until 7:17 AM. However, a change to your child's bus schedule, that is a possible earlier pick-up time, may be required if new students enroll in the bus program. Any such change will be communicated to you by email.

    Communicating with the Bus Coordinator

    Email: Please compose a new email every time you wish to communicate with the Bus Coordinator to ensure your emails are properly received. The Bus Coordinator's emails are continually checked throughout the day for incoming correspondence. Adding an email to an old thread is not recorded as new mail in the email account's inbox and thus risks being overlooked. The email address for the Bus Coordinator is

    Phone: ISY's Bus Coordinator is available to take calls 24 hours a day at 09-969115317 should you have any questions about pick-up and drop off times and if, for any reason, your child is unable to take the bus to school. This will enable the bus company to adjust accordingly.

    Please notify ISY in advance if you intend to change your child's/children's travel arrangements on a particular day in the instance of play dates, after-school activities, early dismissals, etc. Doing so ensures that ISY can properly accommodate your request without any confusion or potential anxiety on the part of the child.

    Pick-Up and Drop-Off

    Communication: Bus Monitors will inform you of the buses approach just prior to arrival via text message for both pick-up and drop-off. Bus Monitors will also inform you of delays.

    Drop-off: If someone other than yourself is responsible for collecting your child/children at drop-off, please ask that they be ready at the drop-off point when your child's/children's bus arrives. This will prevent delays and ensure that only those authorized will be informed of your child's arrival. School Bus will wait for student 15 minutes after school secondary end time. Secondary students have to wait in front of security office and Elementary students have to wait at Bus Lounge or Computer Lab in Ground Floor A-Building.

    After-School Activities (ASAs)

    Busing includes normal daily bus service (i.e., home pick-up and drop-off) as well as transit for After School Activities (ASAs). To be eligible for ASA busing, one must also be registered for the daily bus service. There is no additional fee for ASA busing.

    • SMART personnel training
    • All SMART personnel assigned to ISY for busing have received Child Protection training with the ES Counselor
    • All SMART vehicle operators assigned to ISY for busing have received Driver Safety training with Myanmar Traffic Police 

    Please understand that with the enrollment of any new student in the bus program, there may be some initial hiccups with service until a routine is established. We thank you in advance for your patience and consideration in the event of such instances.

    ISY is dedicated to providing you and your child/children with the best busing service possible, one equal to the academic excellence for which ISY is recognized.



    In consideration for The International School Yangon (ISY) coordinating bus transportation for my child/children (“Child”), as described below, I/we, as parent or legal guardian, hereby state and agree as follows:

    1. I/we have elected for Child to participate in ISY’s School Busing Program of transporting students by bus or other multiple passenger vehicle to and from certain designated pick-up and drop-off locations. I/we agree that ISY, in its sole discretion, shall designate the pick-up and drop-off locations for the School Busing Program and may change those locations at any time without my/our consent.

    2. I/we give permission for our Child to be picked up and dropped off at the designated locations, even if that location is unattended. I/we understand and recognize that there are inherent dangers in having Child be unattended at a bus pick-up or drop-off location, and I/we accept responsibility for those dangers. I/we understand that it is my/our responsibility to make arrangements for someone else to be with our Child at the designated pick-up and drop-off locations if I/we wish for someone to tend to our Child at such location. ISY is not responsible in any way for the safety or supervision of Child at the pick-up or drop-off locations.

    3. I/we understand that Child’s participation in ISY’s School Busing Program is at my/our own risk and not at the risk of ISY. I/we assume all risks, known and unknown, of injury to person or damage to property occurring or resulting in any way whatsoever from Child’s participation in ISY’s School Busing Program. I/we agree that ISY shall not be responsible for any accident or personal injury sustained or suffered by Child or for Child’s death or for any damage or loss to Child’s personal belongings, however caused, while Child is participating in ISY’s School Busing Program, including, without limitation, while Child is waiting to be picked up or being transported or after Child has been dropped off. I/we voluntarily release, discharge, and hold harmless ISY and all agents, employees and assigns of the ISY from any and all claims, demands, damages, losses, causes of action and expenses that arise or may arise out of or are in any way related to Child’s participation in ISY’s School Busing Program, including, without limitation, any accident or incident occurring while Child is waiting to be pick up or after Child has been dropped off, and even if caused by the negligence (other than gross negligence) of ISY. This release includes, without limitation, any action that may be taken by ISY subsequent to any accident or incident in which personal injury, death, loss or damage occurred.

    4. I/we hereby covenant and agree to indemnify, defend and hold forever harmless ISY from any liability, claim, demand, charge, complaint, action, or cause of action, arising from or in any way related to ISY’s School Busing Program or Child’s participation therein, including, without limitation, accidents or incidents occurring while Child is waiting to be picked up or after Child has been dropped off, made at any time in the future by Child, his/her next of kin, parent, guardian, personal representative, dependent or any other person in the name, place, or stead of Child.

    5. In the event of an emergency, I/we authorize ISY to arrange such medical attention for Child as may be reasonable and available under the circumstances, and I/we undertake to pay all medical and hospital fees and charges and incidental costs with respect to medical attention given to Child and to reimburse ISY for any such fees or charges and all incidental costs which may be incurred by ISY.

    6. I/we understand that, if Child fails to comply with any code of conduct or rules and regulations established by ISY for the School Bus Program, which may be changed by ISY at any time at its discretion, ISY may prohibit Child from participating in the School Busing Program.

    7. I/we agree that this Waiver and Indemnity shall be governed by and interpreted under the laws of Myanmar, without regard to laws relating to conflict and choice of laws, and that it shall be binding on my/our heirs, representative, successors and assigns.

    8. I/we understand that ISY does not directly manage the bus service. The fees, service, supervision and transportation of students on the bus service is an arrangement between the vendor and parents.