IB Diploma – Leaving Teacher Requirements

  • Topic: Curricular Planning
    Action: All units need to have unit planners in the Shared Drive for the Subject (Drive Links to Activities, Assessments, Labs, etc. in unit planner)
    Link to Subject Drives

  • Approval: Curriculum Coordinator

  • Topic: Google Classroom
    Action: New teachers should be made Teachers in current Google Classrooms.
    Link to Google Classrooms

  • Approval: IB Diploma Coordinator

  • Topic: Progress through Syllabus
    Action: Complete records of what has been covered and what remains should be given to the IB Coordinator

  • Approval: IB Diploma Coordinator

  • Topic: Internal Assessment
    Action: Any IA work that has been completed needs to be recorded and shared

  • Approval: IB Diploma Coordinator

  • Topic: Online Resources
    Action: Complete List and Passwords for any online resources.

  • Approval: IB Coordinator