Grade 3 to Grade 5 – Student Agreement of Acceptable Technology Use (Parent)

  • Philosophy

    The purpose of this policy is to set forth guidelines for acceptable use of the International School Yangon computer system and access to the Internet.


    Any student who is a user of the school system provided technology resources is expected to use the resources for educational purposes only. Any use of the school system provided technology resources and the Internet should always reflect academic honesty, high ethical standards, and moral responsibility.

    The following guidelines, which are based on the ISY Learner Attributes, apply to any and all digital tools and devices students may be using in school or at home, including but not limited to internet resources such as laptops, iPads, smartphones and cameras.

    I will:

    • use technology responsibly
    • not send or display rude, mean, or insulting messages, comments or media
    • not hurt, frighten, or make fun of others
    • always log off accounts and from technology tools after every use
    • not use technologies to bully or tease other people
    • use only my own password when logging onto the school’s device
    • use the Internet only with adult supervision, my teachers, the librarian, or the technology teacher.

    I will:

    • use the programs and websites that my teachers have approved
    • tell adults right away if I come across any information that makes me feel uncomfortable
    • respect the work and files of others and agree not to open, copy, change or delete files or folders that are not mine
    • think before I post. I know that information is not private. I have to be careful what I upload. What goes online stays online.

    I will:

    • give credit when I have used other peoples’ work (citing sources), photos, video clips, music, texts, etc.
    • think environmentally and do not waste resources
    • only look for information on the Internet that is school-related
    • keep my work station clean and tidy for the next student
    • follow the rules that are set by the teacher and not allow technology to disrupt my studies or the studies of my classmates.

    I will:

    • use all equipment and networks carefully
    • keep my own and other classmates personal information private
    • keep my password private and I will share it only with my parents and teachers
    • not copy words or pictures from the Internet without permission
    • lose my technology privileges and there may be other consequences if I fail to follow these rules.

    Student’s Agreement

    I have read this list of guidelines and if I did not understand I asked an adult to explain it. I agree to accept and follow these guidelines as I develop into a responsible, digital citizen.

  • Parent’s Agreement

    I have read the ISY Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) Guidelines with my child and have discussed with her/him to ensure that these guidelines are understood. I realize that ISY faculty and staff aim to provide the best educationally appropriate online material for my child. ISY will do its best to protect the user from unwanted material or information, but cannot guarantee total protection. I give permission to ISY for my child to use technology tools and the Internet while on school property, and I am responsible for the same guidance at home as at school

    Please note that your child will not get permission to use any device in school until and unless the Acceptable Use Policy is signed by both parent and child.

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