ISY Athletic Facility Sign-Up

Mask wearing indoors will be completely optional. We also ask that you make every attempt to practice social distancing. Please always enter through the front steps area as this entrance is outfitted with a thermal camera to check temperatures. We also ask that everyone wash their hands at the sinks on the front steps before entering the campus.

Users of the weight room, fitness rooms, pool, playground, field and upper court must have a signed liability waiver on file before using the spaces.

The following number of users are permitted per hour at each venue:
Fitness Area / Weight Room – up to 10 users
Swimming Pool – up to 7 users (1 in every lane) OR 14 users if a maximum of two family members share one lane
Outdoor Spaces – including the upper court, field and playground – up to 30 users
Tennis Court – up to 4 users

If a time slot does not appear, it has been filled and is no longer available. Some time slots are also blocked automatically for deep cleaning. Drop-ins are NOT permitted.

In the form below, select a venue, then a date and a time slot. Verify the selected time slot, then enter your information and click “Submit”. To reserve another venue, go back to the top and start over.


  • You can book on behalf of ISY community members ONLY. You must list their names in the comment box.
  • Fitness Room, Weight Room & Outdoor Space can register for up to two hours.
  • Elementary students must be accompanied by their parent or another ISY parent at all times
  • The swimming pool is only available for lap swimming at this time. The children’s pool is available and must be accompanied by their parent.
  • For the Tennis Court, children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by adult supervisor.
  • Mask wearing indoors while with other people will be completely optional. All students will be required to wear a mask indoors and this includes the gym. The exceptions are the pool and while eating.