Bel Canto Parent Commitment Form – ES

  • ISY Children’s Choir

    Grades 3rd – 5th


    Purpose: To have fun creating beautiful music.  To share beautiful music and be inspired by it.


    • Each semester will start with a trial rehearsals.   Any student wanting to participate in choir may come for the trial rehearsal.  At the conclusion of the trial rehearsal, students must withdraw or commit to the choir.
    • Students that make the commitment to participate in choir are expected to complete the semester and attend regularly.  Students will be allowed one unexcused absence. If more unexcused absences occur this will result in the student being disallowed to participate in choir again.  
    • If students cannot attend for any reason they are expected to give Ms. Bekka 24 hours advance notice.  Students and parents may contact Ms. Bekka via email ( or by talking to her in person.  If a student is sick during the school day, he/she will be automatically excused from rehearsal. 
    • Students will not be allowed to join in the middle of a semester or after the initial trial rehearsal.  If students are interested they may join at the beginning of the next semester.  
    • Choir is a longer commitment than a normal after school activity.  The group starts in August and ends in December. We are preparing for a number of performances this semester (which will be announced later).

    Requirements: A fun working spirit.  

    Meetings: Every Thursday after school.  2:50-3:50 (please note that the dismissal time is 15 minutes later than other Elementary ASA.  I will try to have students at the steps by 4:00 for pick up)

    Performances:    To be announced.

    There will be a few performances.  We will perform at school assemblies, concerts and possibly other venues.  Performances will be announced as they are scheduled.


  • , am eager and willing to participate in Bel Canto for Semester 1 (August-December). I agree to attend regular rehearsals and will give at least 24 hours notice to Ms. Bekka if I cannot attend. I will adjust my schedule to attend the performances the best I can. I will respect and uphold the expectations of ISY and Ms. Bekka associated with choir.

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY